Customize Mirage agent upload

In fact, this is no technical issue, we are only missing the know-how.

We are ussing VMware Mirage 5.91 for bcking up our client laptops which are working nearly in every spot on this Earth. Occasionally the whole system is working as it is designed, but we have a small issue which our users are arguing about. We can provide our MIrage agents that they only upload every hour, or every four hours. Unfortunately we can´t get them not to upload backups if the internet connection bandwidth is too small or saturated, or the user is working with an other software heavily.

The only thing we cn think of, is to tell the users to stop the mirage agent, but that is rubbish.

Does anyone know some function, script or makro where we can determine the bandwidth of the internet connection and tell the mirage agent not to upload the backup? Or placing an icon on the desktop to stop the upload manually and resume it after work?

We will rally appreciate any answer or hint what we can do the deal with that!

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You may want to try a custom script they can on/off it to kill the service or provide a small tool to start/stop the client service\

On the other hand, I am new to Mirage and I made 4-5 backups for 2 days.

I then deleted program files and intetpub and other stuff

I reverted back to the first snapshot with all data not system files only option

But nothing changing on the target machine. It restore for hours and complete and we restart but nothing

Same desktop same stuff and nothing from missing files are reloaded

We chose the default police once and we did another policy without exception to protect all drives

Still the same

If you can do paid training for us is also appreciated.

I will post the issue to a new thread but I thought you might be able to help direct.



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