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Connection to dual display not working

Hello, I'm hoping someone can assist me with this issue.

I am running VMware Horizon Client 7 (version 5.5.0) on an iMac running maciOS Monterey (12.4) 21.5inch Intel dual-core, Core i5.

I'm using another iMac as the dual display.

I remote into my employer workstation into the Windows 10 environment.

Use of dual display worked up until a few weeks ago when I brought the VMware screen from full screen to a window view to adjust the brightness on my iMac.

I have done everything I could possible to try to correct this, with no luck.

Things I've done:

Set window to: Full screen

Set Connection Settings to: All displays

Changed Connect via: from VMware Blast to PCoIP (when that didn't work...set it back to VMBlast).

I don't have any admin rights to the Windows 10 platform because I'm not in the IT department.

I do have dual display when in full maciOS mode.

I don't have dual display within the VMware Horizon environment....yet I did prior to this shift going from full screen to window view.

I have checked with my IT department, and they have no answers. 

I have checked with Apple and they have no answers.

What is it that I am doing wrong?

It is a great inconvenience not to have dual display for the type of multitasking that I have to do. 

I'm not sure if this is a coincidence but I was wondering if this sudden failure to connect has something to do with the recent upgrade of maciOS that allows the sharing of the mouse and keyboard between iOS devices.

Can anyone help me with this, because I can't spend any more time trying to figure this out.  It has already cost me hours of time away from getting work done.

I do appreciate anyone's assistance and please forgive any frustration I may have exhibited in this communication.


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