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Configuring auto-logon with Dell Wyse Management Console or View Conn. Servers..

Hi All,

We're currently migrating from Teradici console to using Dell Wyse Management. We have 50~ kiosk-style machines (more like dashboards) that we need to do the following:

1. Auto-login using a specified account - DONE

2. Choose a specific pool  - PROBLEMOS!

Currently the user account (despite being permissioned for 2 pools - the 'default' global pool and the DASHBOARD pool, it always defaults to the global pool.

In Teradici it's very easy to configure an auto-logon profile - you enter the username, password, domain and the pool name to select. In Dell, you cannot specify a pool-name. So our dashboard PC's are logging into our 'generic' desktop pool. They are all connecting via the same connection server.

Please note, we really don't want to have to setup mac address auto-logins via the connection server (as you would with a kiosk) -I know this is possible, we just want the devices to auto-login and go to a specific pool of non-persistent machines.  For information, We have entitled the pools via global entitlements (not entitlements on the specific pools within view manager).

Any ideas how we achieve this in Dell Console or otherwise?



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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

WMS is able to select a pool for you, although it's labelled as "Session."

Under Remote Connections > VMware Broker it's "Sessions to connect automatically" and this needs to be the display name of the pool, not the ID from the view CS.

We are running on prem WMS 1.4.0

EDIT: This is assuming this is a ThinOS device policy. Poking through the teradici policy makes it clear that this actually isn't possible with that policy. I'm guessing you're hitting this because domain users is entitled to your default global pool.

The way I would fix this is spin up another connection server that is dedicated to these kiosk connections. Set up server tags on your connection servers. Then configure your default pool to only be available from your standard CS and the kiosk pool available from the new CS.

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