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Composer stalling on Configuring Virtual Disk

I am not sure what is going on here, but i am banging my head on the wall trying to figure this all out.  We recently upgraded vcenter from 5.5 to 6.0.0b and have all of the ESX versions up to date as well.  Everything seems to be fine but today i tried to recompose some images (maintenance with updates, nothing major) and have had issues all day.  Composer kept dying on me with faults and strange errors.  We had composer co located with VCenter, so i uninstalled it and spun up a new server just for composer.  Loaded composer 5.3.2 (we are running view 5.3.3 so this is the version the corresponds) on the new server and made all the correct connections.  View seemed happy with the new composer and i was able to get farther in the process.  However, now when i recompose, i see the clone process start and finish in vcenter then it starts a "Configure Virtual Disk Digest" process.  The process starts at 100% then will just sit there for at a minimum of 30 minutes before completing.  It will complete but then i immediately get an error in View that says provisioning error, and it deletes the VM and all associated persistent disks.  Luckily i have been trying this on images that aren't being used (because they are being deleted) but i need to get my composes working again so i can maybe get some actual work done today.

I will take any suggestions because i am totally lost.  I will also happily upload logs, but i am not sure which ones you guys need, composer, vcenter, or horizon view.   The attachment shows the process in vcenter though.


Added the view logs and a screenshot of the errors i am getting in the view console

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