Cloned desktops get stuck as customizing or agent unreacheable for long periods of time

We have a ticket open for this issue, but I thought I would post here to see if anyone has seen it before. Beginning this week we have begun having an issue where many desktops do not complete their building process in view administrator. I say many because some do complete successfully. I can count about 8 VMs that may be good for use, but then after that 6-8 will be stuck at customizing or at an agent unreacheable stage. This can last for hours and when in the either stage, the vcenter console shows the desktop at the ctrl + alt + delete screen of windows 7 pro. There are usually no errors except the "already used" or message (this doesn't appear on all of the bad desktops).

Here are a few things I have noticed. Some of the "bad" desktops that are stuck have a self assigned (192.168.x.x) address. Others have the proper address subnet that they should have. On the self assigned ones, I'll disable the nic and re-enable it again, then those desktops get the correct ip address and become available almost instantly (this may need to be done at least a half dozen times). The ones that are stuck with the correct ip (but still say agent unreachable), don't budge at all, even after disabling the nic or moving them to a different server in the vdi environment. After enough users complain about not having desktops, we eventually get heavy handed and reboot the vcenter server, and then after some time (could be upwards of an hour), the stuck desktops with the correct ip suddenly become available all at once (a dozen or more desktops total). We have checked the view connection server and vcenter for drive space, both are good. We have also checked the flash LUNs for the desktops, both have more that a TB of free space. Another issue that appears to happen in all of this mess is that sometimes users will get kicked off a desktop that they were lucky enough to get. The desktop then shows as disconnected in view administrator and the user cannot log back into it. They are logged into a new desktop, creating a double session.

Is there anything else I can look into?

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