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Client Restriction for Published Apps which should only be accessable from within the VDI

dear community,
can someone tell me if the client restriction feature for desktop pools and published apps also works if there are only instant clone computer objects in the AD security group which is entitled to the defined published apps?
When I try to launch this specific Published Apps with client restriction Feature enabled from a VDI, the access fails with the following error message "The client is not allowed to use this application. Contact your system administrator."
However, if I launch the same Published App from, for example, a local client which is also domain joined and is part of the same AD group, access to this applications works fine.

I know there is or was a limitation that the client restriction feature does not work for domain controllers. Does the same possibly apply to computer objects created by Horizon respectively Instant Clone computer objects?
Unfortunately I can't find a clear statement in the VMware docs that it shouldn't work.

My requirement is that users who are entitled to both a desktop pool and multiple Published Apps only see the desktop pool via the locally installed Horizon Client. If the user then starts the Horizon Client installed within the VDI, he should also see his published apps.
This is to prevent users from launching the Published apps directly from the locally installed Horizon Client.

I am grateful for any help 🙂

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