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Chrome OS Horizon Client - Smart Card

The Chrome OS Horizon client has become more and more powerful over the last few months and I'm one step away from being able to use it with my smart card-enabled Horizon provider. I'm able to log into the server and even launch a desktop. However, once inside the desktop, no smart card certificates are presented to the session inside of the Horizon client window and I'm unable to log in.

I'm on Chrome OS 83 on a HP x360 Chromebook 14" (Intel i3 processor) using the latest Horizon client (released on 22 May 2020). I'm using an Identiv SCR3500 smart card reader with the Smart Card Connector and CACKey apps. Charismatics won't even get me to the point of seeing a desktop, so I've given up on that app.

Based on the missing "USB listener" lines in the Chrome OS debug log, I believe this comes down to lack of support for USB listeners in Chrome OS. However, I could be wrong. Any suggestions for getting past this issue would be greatly appreciated.



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