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Chrome OS Candy and Horizon view client: View client not working as single app kiosk

Hi All,  Thanks in advance for any help with this question.

I'm attempting to use The Horizon View client as "Single-App Kiosk" in chrome, I'm managing via the google management console.  The policy is applied to the chrome device correctly.  My problem is that the Horizon client auto launches (correct behavior) launches and idles for 15 minutes before you are prompted to choose a folder.  Once you choose a folder the Chrome device restarts and seems to get stuck at "Initializing Application" for another 15 minutes until you are prompted to again choose a folder (client drive redirection) .  This process then repeats itself infinitely.  Within the google console if I use the app as a "user setting" only app and not a "Single App Kiosk" the app does work.  There seems to be very little information about the apps configuration and compatibility.  Has anyone gotten this app to work correctly as a "Single-App Kiosk"?  Are there any gotchas that aren't documented anywhere?

VMware Horizon View client for Chrome= Version 4.1

Google Chrome OS = 51.0.2704.103 (64-Bit): Platform 8172.56.0(Official Build) Stable-channel candy: Firmware Google_Candy.5216.310.57

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