Can Recompose be automated?

We recently installed Horizon View Administrator 5.2.0 at a client site.  We currently have about 14 pools of MS RDP’s moved over to VM HV. These pools are Automated, Linked clone, dedicated and for different reasons we are having to recompose just about daily sometime during working hours.  Currently all pools use the same snapshot.

The steps we are having to take to recompose in VMware Horizon View Administrator are:

Double click on Pools

Double click on Pool ID

Click on View Composer > Recompose

Select Snapshot

Next > Next > Finish

And repeat the same process 14 times.

Is there a way to create script to automate these steps?

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You can easily use a script for that, I would base it off this one:

View Controlled Recompose Script – VMware Labs

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