Can I upgrade Horizon 7.11 Eval to Horizon 8 Eval?

Hi All,

Currently I am using Horizon 7.11 Eval version for POC and I am not yet done with all the use cases testing. The current 7.11 evaluation license is going to expire next week. Now that v8 is released, i can't extend the eval license for v7.11 as per Vmware. So, I need to continue the POC using the Eval version of Horizon 8. My queries:

1- Do I need to reinstall and configure the entire setup with v8 or can I upgrade the current v7.11 to v8 using evaluation?

2- If the upgrade is possible, do i need to upgrade it before the v7.11 license expires or it can be upgraded even after license is expired?

I am using below components for POC:

One Connection Server, one UAG, UEM, Instant clone desktop pool, RDS. If anyone can guide on this, it will be great.

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