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Blast session login hangs at Welcome message

I am using Horizon 7.8 instant-clone, Windows 10 1803, with App Volumes 2.16.  Horizon client testing with is 5.0.0 for Mac.

When a user connects to a desktop session using Blast protocol and the Horizon Client through a UAG 3.4 gateway, the login display will "hang" at the Welcome message for up to 1 minute or so before the Windows desktop appears.

If the user logs in from from the same client but selects PCoIP as the display protocol, the desktop session login proceeds quickly, Welcome animation will stop for about 2 seconds then proceed, and the Windows desktop appears after about 18 seconds.  So it seems to appear Blast and UAG are not working together correctly.

Has anyone seen this before?

Connecting directly without a UAG in between takes about the same 16-18 seconds for either Blast or PCoIP protocols.

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