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Black screen when opening IRM Documents after Horizon agent upgrade

Hi, We've recently upgraded the Horizon agent on our gold image from 7.13.2 to 8.8 (2212).

Now our users can't open IRM protected documents (Office files) that they only have read permissions to. They just get a black screen.
If they have edit or full access permissions configured by IRM to the document then it opens fine.

The fix in this KB is already applied: Black screen when opening confidential emails in outlook using the blast protocol with Nvidia VGPU (...

The only changes in the gold image were upgrading the Horizon, App Volumes, DEM and FSLogix agents. There were no other application updates or windows updates. There have been no other changes (GPO etc.) Rolling back to the old snapshot with the Horizon 7 agents works.

Users get a black screen when opening the documents if they connect via Blast or PCOIP.

Has anybody encountered this before or got any ideas?

Horizon 8.8 2212 (Connection Servers and Agent)
Windows 10 22H2
Nvidia vGPU 13.7 (Same driver on ESXi host and guests)
Office 365 click to run

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