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Black screen on login (Windows 10 - 1709, View 7.4, Agent 7.4, Tools 10.2.5)

Upgraded our base image machine to Windows 10 1709, which required a new version of the View Agent, which required an upgrade of the View server. I went ahead an installed the newest version of VMware Tools (10.2.5) as well.

Since then, all of my pools tell me "Pending session on machine <MACHINE> for user <USER> has expired" when a user tries to log in with PCoIP. They get authenticated and the "Preparing Desktop" message appears for about 20 seconds and then disappears. This happens if I use the Horizon View Client or a Teradici zero-client.

I looked at all of the issues shown in this article:

VMware Knowledge Base

Everything looks fine based on those checks.

I've tried deciphering the logs on the pooled PCs, but can't get anything of substance out of them.




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