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Bizarre error & behaviour re: Persona

I have a few static VMs in my pool; users can get to them via Horizon View or RDP and things have gone just fine for some time.  Recently however, the machines cannot be accessed.  Logging in via console, I see a message:

"Failed to connect to a windows service...Windows could not connect to the VMware Horizon View Persona Management service.  This problem prevents standard users from logging on to the system.  As an administrative user, you can review the System Events Log for details about why the service didn't...."

I checked the Event Viewer can find NOTHING.  Moreover, if I try to reboot the machine, the screen blanks to the wallpaper and freezes.  I have to force a shut down.

The thing is, Persona isn't running on either machine.  I nuked the VMware Horizon View Agent and the machine now rebooted, and the Persona error did not come up.

This is all rather spontaneous; there is no reason that I can think of for this to occur with these machines.    I'm hoping someone here has some insight to share.

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