AzureAD Hybrid in Non Persistent Desktop Environment

Just wanting to get opinions on this. I've got a domain environment that is setup as an AzureAD Hybrid. We are also using instant clone technology in Horizon. I have not been able to reliably get instant clones to register with the AzureAD domain since we switched to it. This obviously causes a ton of problems with users on Office 365 and Microsoft Teams, specifically because our Azure policies prevent users from signing into those applications with their domain accounts if the machine is not AzureAD registered. Arguably about 70% of the time we see users get a joined VM when logging into Horizon. The other 30% users end up calling due to Office 365 needing activated or Teams not wanting to sign in due to the non domain status. I have configured group policy and a startup task on my golden image to implement the "dsregcmd /join" command, but it still doesn't seem consistent.

Has anyone else found a way to reliably get VMs to register with an AzureAD domain when vCenter provisions them to a pool?

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