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Automated Pool - auto unassign a desktop?

Thanks for taking a look at my question.

As a test, in View Manager 4.0 (build 4.0.1-233023) I made an Automated, Persistant Pool with 3 vCenter desktops. Provisioning is automated as follows:

Number desktops min: 3

Number desktops max: 3

Number desktops available: 1

View Manager provisions the desktops as expected. I then have three users log on to the three desktops and log off, at this point I look in View Manager and all three have been assigned but are not in use. When a fourth user attempts to log on with View Client there is a warning that there are no desktops available. I am trying to get a pool where the users are assigned to a desktop but if a desktop is needed, one of the assigned desktops is unassigned and allocated to the new user.

On page 80 of the View Manager Administration Guide, under Automated Desktop Pool>Provisioning>Advanced Settings, I see this:

"Number of available virtual machines—The number of virtual machines that must be unassigned and available for use at any given time. This figure cannot exceed the maximum number of desktops available to the pool overall."

Why, in my test, does View Manager not unassign any desktops that are assigned but not connected (in use)? I suppose if my pool was larger this setting is so View will create an extra, unused desktop to have available(?) Is there a way to accomplish my goal?


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