App Volumes v4 Failing to Mount

I am using RDS 2016 VMs that are instant clones. If I restart the instant clone VMs, they attach the app volumes VMDK and I can app stream the application that is packaged as an app volume. However, if I recompose from the master image snapshot, the VMDK does not mount on the VMs initially (I have assigned the app volume to an OU that has the domain joined RDS instant clones). This was working a week ago, and I'm not sure what caused this to start failing.

Below is a log snippet from the app volumes log. I've also attached the full log.

[2020-06-25 14:22:03 UTC]P4752R73  INFOSession: [Session Auth] Found agent session id: 321
[2020-06-25 14:22:03 UTC]P4752R73  INFOSession: [Session Auth] Agent session authorization result: Authorized took: 9.43667199999254ms
[2020-06-25 14:22:03 UTC]P4752R73  INFOCvo: Manager version: "4.0.1" - Running as "TST-HORIZONAV1$@CITY"
[2020-06-25 14:22:03 UTC]P4752R73  INFOCvo: Domain from params: CITY
[2020-06-25 14:22:03 UTC]P4752R73  INFOCvo: Workstation from params: TST-RDS2016-1
[2020-06-25 14:22:03 UTC]P4752R73  INFOCvo: Found existing record for "Computer <CITY\TST-RDS2016-1$>", associated to "Machine <TST-RDS2016-1> (500b9310-7e0e-96b4-13c9-46e2d1c42da8)"
[2020-06-25 14:22:03 UTC]P4752R73  INFOCvo: Volumes are still not mounted for "Computer <CITY\TST-RDS2016-1$>" (0 of 1)
[2020-06-25 14:22:03 UTC]P4752R73  INFO   Rendering text template
[2020-06-25 14:22:03 UTC]P4752R73  INFO   Rendered text template (0.0ms)
[2020-06-25 14:22:03 UTC]P4752R73  INFO Completed 200 OK in 30ms (Views: 0.8ms | ActiveRecord: 10.5ms)
[2020-06-25 14:22:03 UTC]P4752R73  INFO

This is another error:

"name" => "svservice",
"status" => "agent",
"uuid" => "420b4678-dbec-f148-f4be-8cac2ada6ac4",
"osver" => "10.0.14393",
"sp" => "0.0",
"suite" => "16",
"product" => "3",
"arch" => "9",
"proc" => "2",
"agentver" => "",
"domain" => "CITY",
"workstation" => "TST-RDS2016-1",
"message" => "Timed out when loading assigned volumes, please retry or contact your administrator.",
"ip" => "",
"time" => "2020-06-25 15:12:47.441 UTC",
"vmpath" => "/TSOC/vm/Instant Clones/RDSH-2016/TST-RDS2016-1",
"machinesid" => "S-1-5-21-536897516-3156217727-531556400",
"controller" => "agent/messages",
"action" => "create"

[2020-06-25 16:08:14 UTC]P4752R155  INFO  Cvo: Workstation from params: TST-RDS2016-1
[2020-06-25 16:08:14 UTC]P4752R155  INFO  Cvo: Found existing record for "Computer <CITY\TST-RDS2016-1$>", associated to "Machine <cp-parent-b0db2397-ad6b-42f7-8a85-24234b0b6d72> (500b24c5-7cb1-3058-f056-515cbce841cd)"
[2020-06-25 16:08:14 UTC]P4752R155  INFO  Cvo: Volume mounting failed for "Computer <CITY\TST-RDS2016-1$>"
[2020-06-25 16:08:14 UTC]P4752R155  INFO   Rendering text template
[2020-06-25 16:08:14 UTC]P4752R155  INFO   Rendered text template (0.0ms)
[2020-06-25 16:08:14 UTC]P4752R155  INFO Completed 200 OK in 35ms (Views: 1.0ms | ActiveRecord: 11.0ms)
[2020-06-25 16:08:14 UTC]P4752R155  INFO
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Did you ever figure this out?  I'm having a similar issue.  V4 Apps will not mount while v2.x appstacks will

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I never found a solution. The workaround for me is to manually reboot the instant clones after their first boot up, and then it mounts the app volumes correctly.

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

AppVolumes 4.1 has just been released.

Check the release notes, maybe a fix.

VMware App Volumes 4, version 2006 Release Notes

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