Alternative guest OS

Are there any alternative guest OSs that View supports other than Microsoft?

I have labs that just require Internet access and I if I give them a browser, they can accomplish all they need.

I would like to be able to apply filtering and restrictions to their sessions.

Moslty, the reason for this because M$ OS license leasing model ridiculous and more than I really need.


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If what you are asking is a different hosted OS other than Windows the answer is no.  If you are looking for a different OS on the endpoint there is a tech preview for a linux one out there.

If all your users need is a browser you don't need desktop virtualization to do that.  You can use standard thin clients (in lots of OS variations) to provide a local browser and control restrictions, configuration, etc as part of the image or management tools for the thin client.  You could even use RDS and publish a browser which would get you away from VDA licensing (RDS licensing).  If you're set on a hosted desktop that's not windows consider alternative connection brokers like Leostream.

Dan Brinkmann