Allow users to reset their Cloud Pod desktops?

I'm running Horizon 7.5.1 in a two-site cloud pod setup. Two pools in one Global Entitlement.

My users do not have the option to reset their desktop, neither via the Horizon Client nor the Horizon Web Client, when they connect via our load balancer.

If they connect directly to a connection server which holds the pool their desktop resides in, they get the option to reset it in the Web Client UI, but not Horizon Client and not via web URI (the error thrown when the URI method is attempted is "Failed to restart the desktop 'Dev-desktop'. Restart is not allowed for it.")

For example, these fields are missing in the Horizon Client (Reset Desktop and Restart Desktop).

I've checked the local pools, they both have the setting which allows the user to reset their desktop enabled - and I've checked the Global Entitlement for the same option. It's all enabled.

Why doesn't this work?


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