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Agent 8.5 causes Printer not found with Crystal Reports and Errors in Excel

I recently updated from 8.0 Horizon Server and Agent to 8.5 (2111).  After doing this we ran into 2 problem with the software we host for our clients.  

1. When printing reports with Crystal reports when customers used the Windows Client (any version) to print to their redirected printers they would get a "couldn't find printer" error and printing failed.  Preview printing worked fine.   

2. Excel is also on these 2016 servers and in excel when trying to launch it an error "the instruction at 0x00000002FFF005A reference memory at 0x00000000030002658.  The memory could not be written."  


During deugging we found that between the versions about 2300 registry entries were modified or created.  We did not dig through them all to maybe figure out if any of those caused the problem.  

What we did is downgrade the agent to 8.0 and that resolved the problem.  Then we also upgraded the agent to 8.8 and that also resolved the problem. So it appears this is only a bug in 8.5 and possible versions between 8.0 and 8.8.   I wanted to post this in case anyone else comes across issues with 8.5.  

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