After storage crash Windows 10 1803 Desktop on Horizon View 7.10.3 with Persona 7.7 slow logon

We are working a long time with that configuration until our HPE VSA crashed partially. From that point on our problems were increasing day by day. In the first step some of our users couldn´t login and got an RDP error like "All RDP ressources are in use...". In the next step the logon duration increased from 1-2 minutes to mor than an hour to login a simple windows 10 desktop.

This special feature appeared only in the floating automatic pools, but starting with this week even our dedicated pool user were experencing this problem. We were arguing that the "old" Persona Management is the source. We were diagnosing that the user profile is copied locally nearly immediately to the local disk and the LOC-File is placed in the user´s profile share instantly.

In the desktops we see that the DNS registration fails from time to time and I guess that there is an issue with the VM Computers AD objects.

The versions of the System are:

VCenter Server 6.7 U3 (Windows-based)

Two VSphere ESXi Hosts 6.7 U3 including all current patches

Horizon View Connection Server 7.10.3

Horizon View Composer Server 7.10.3 running on VCenter

Horizon Agent with Persona 7.7 (tried higher Agent, but it is getting worse)

Windows 10 1803 with Vmware OSOT for Windows 10



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