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2x Display Adapters on Golden Image

Hey guys,

I just finished reviewing the customization guide from Techzone { Creating an Optimized Windows Image for a VMware Horizon Virtual Desktop | VMware }

In the article they mention that they execute Vmware Tools installation with a couple of parameters:

d:\setup64.exe /s /v" /qb REBOOT=R ADDLOCAL=ALL REMOVE=Hgfs,SVGA,VSS,AppDefense,NetworkIntrospection"

This command uses the REMOVE option to remove the following modules:

(Conditional) SVGA is the VMware SVGA driver, but a newer version will be installed by the Horizon Agent.

Important: If this VM is to be used without installing the Horizon Agent, do not remove the SVGA module.

My question is. Are there any downsides for having duplicate Display Adapters? I've ran into issues before with laptops running on hybrid graphics that they tend to get confused on which one they use per application. Is this similar?

Also. I tried running the setup with these parameters and the display adapter is still present on the Golden Image.


Any thoughts?

The reason why i ask is because i'm trying to get the user experience up as much as possible with no GRID installation in the environment.

Graphics tend to be the main reason why my users see it as a "downgrade" when we're migrating over to VDI.

How are you guys getting the most out of graphics with no GRID?


Instant Clones

Agent 7.11

vSphere Client version

App Vols 2.18

DEM 9.10

Windows 10 - 1909

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Take a look at this article. I'm currently busy with an issue where users report black screens after reconnecting their session. VMware Tools and View Agent have different versions of the SVGA adapter.

VMware Knowledge Base

Roderik de Block

Blog: https://roderikdeblock.com

Thanks! I've been receiving a few cases like this. Will take a look.

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