2019 Server as a Standalone Desktop in Horizon 7.7

Greetings, I read a 2018 post on this topic, but the current state of this is unclear. Today, can Horizon View 7.7 broker a Standalone Windows 2019 Server, as a Desktop? The Server has a Teradici Host Card. I install the lastest Horizon View Client 'as a Desktop' and it registered with with the Connection Server; showing up as a Registered Machine, but with I go to create a manual. Pool, the Machine does not show up.

After a while the machine shows a 'Configuration error' status (I think that's a Protocol error as looks like it's being seen as a RDS Server without the Session Host role installed. When it should show up as a Desktop (since I select that box when installing. And if you don't the installer would cancel and let you know you need to install an RDS role but you could install the agent.

The teradici drivers are the latest and installed BEFORE the agent is being installed.

Does anyone know 'if' it works and is so, the correct procedure (install teradici drivers, install agent with "Server as Desktop' selected. Create manual pool (machine not showing up), etc.

Machine is Domain joined; proper domain account is used tro register the agent (like a said it does show up as registered; but doesn't seem to be acknowledging that's it's a Desktop  (Not an RDS Server and I don't know HOW is handles the [used to be required] 2240 host card, presence.

Both machines can see each other (ping)

Who knows and can speak to this?

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