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VMware HCX versus best effort versus built-in vSphere mobility options


I'm dry studying VMware HCX and have tried getting a quick feature overview with comparison to vSphere mobility options (see sheet). Replicated Assisted vMotion (RAV) is a vSphere 6 vMotion enhancement. Transition overlay networks and proximity routing are HCX-only techniques for HCX RAV, right? Is it a requirement for HCX OS Assisted Migration?


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Hi Daniel,

There is a place for HCX​ inquiries now.
Replication-Assisted vMotion (RAV) is one of the HCX migration types, it combines the VMware HBR Replication engine (used for initial seeding and continuous replication of disks at large parallel scale) with the vMotion protocol (for the memory state / transaction Integrity for the last phase of the migratio.

Feel free to break in the HCX page with any questions.

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