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Unable to Extend L2 ... Error Failed to get Opaque Network ... Any Ideas?

Have HCX up and all is green, diagnostics says all good, can even migrate a VM, but cannot extend L2 network.  Get the following error, have no idea what it's telling me.

Failed to get opaque network moref with logical switch id 176aa762-b5b3-49c6-9b68-e724d20394fd

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

try to look for the object referring with that ID in the Managed Object Reference in vCenter thru this :

VMware Knowledge Base

the logical switch id number will be the one that you will be looking for a check if exists there, try to catch on logs as well using this doc:


on page 113, to get more idea on this failure.

hope this helps.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi trevordavismsft​ - good to see you here!   Just to let you know, there is a HCX​ specific place here in VMTN communities. 

Opaque networks are coming from NSX, with I would try to see what the network extension service is logging on the HCX Cloud app.log. 

Gabe Rosas (VMware HCX team at VMware)
Blog: hcx.design
LinkedIn: /in/gaberosas
Twitter: gabe_rosas

Thanks grosas​ ... when i  posted this didn't see an HCX group, glad to see one exists now 🙂

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