IP/CIDR ranges for Cloud SDDC when using HCX

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Could someone of you please help me with an understanding around HCX - let say we are migrating on-prem VMware workloads to Azure VMware Solution or VMware on AWS, in that case as HCX is L2 stretch provider which will bring the same IP addresses to VMware on cloud ...but I'm confused if while creating this private cloud (e.g. Azure VMware Solution or VMware on AWS) do we got to config the similar IP/CIDR ranges that will come through HCX on this cloud Vmware ?

For example I've to move 100 vmware VMs to my VMware on AWS or VMware in Azure and these on-prem machines are in range of, and when we migrate to VMware on cloud, HCX will bring the same ranges for those VMs.

I need some clarity that before migration when we create that private cloud (e.g. on AWS or Azure) , do we need to provide similar ranges as of above during network creation for this private cloud ?

If you could be kind enough to help on this, would be great. Thank you in advance!

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With an HCX network extension, you don't need to go configure the subnets, the network extension operation creates an overlay based broadcast domain extension in either Azure Vmware Solution or VMC.   Migrated VMs keep the same IP configuration and the same MAC addresses.  Everything continues to communicate like it's business as usual.

Then at some point, you can unextend the network (disable the L2 bridge, and shut off the on-prem gateway)  to "transition the entire gateway/subnet function to the cloud.

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