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Hi, do you know documentation that would contain the list of validation what are actually done via "validate" button  in workload mobility window? I know that basic validation is being done like "iso image mounted to VM". I was wondering if this functionality also verify for example VM utilisation in order to check if migration is likely to be successful.

Krzysztof Labiak
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Hi Krzysztof,

There's no documentation at the moment that lists the internal validation in detail. I can give some here/

For VM validations there are some things validated at the source: 

- You already mentioned ISOs.
- HCX also looks at snapshots,
- mac addresses,
- vm tools,
- change block tracking,
- encryption configurations (vm encryption/vmo encryption),
- scsi bus configs,
- disk persistency modes,
 - vmx/hw version,
- virtual hardware (usb, URI serial port, floppys,)
- raw disk mapping,
- audio cards,
- NVME controllers,
- guest customization inputs,
- power state,
- watchdog/precision clock devices,
- user permissions for the migration,
- disk values.

At the destination, there are several checks related to compatibility:
- hardware version,
- storage policies,
- migration type support,
- migration container connections,
- seedcheckpoint data,
- genera things like "will the VM fit on the storage" 
- "can the VM run on the host"
- MA health,
- vmotion and replication heath at the target.

This is not exhaustive, just to give you an idea of what validation button does. 

it doesn't do any functions related to environmental or point-in-time performance or point-in-time activity on the VM.  In this sphere you can do some baselining and testing to understand the environments capability to deal with VM change and theres's some alarms that will show up on the dashboard when noisy conditions are detected, but neither of these things are tied to the per-migration validation function. 

Gabe Rosas (VMware HCX team at VMware)
Blog: hcx.design
LinkedIn: /in/gaberosas
Twitter: gabe_rosas
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