Failed to create the service mesh.

occur error while service mesh deployment: Service Mesh creation failed. Deploy and Configuration of Interconnect Appliances Failed. Interconnect Service Workflow DeployAppliance failed. Error: ["Interconnect Service Workflow OvfUpload failed. Error: [\" cannot be cast to\"]","Interconnect Service Workflow OvfUpload failed. Error: [\" cannot be cast to\"]"]

I tried to solve the problem.

- Firewall settings
- Deploy HCX Manager and IX on the same host
- Set the parameter of "config.nfc.useSSL" in the advanced settings to false
- IPv6 disabled

HCX Cloud site components version information:
vc6.7 16709044
esxi6.7 14320388
nsxv6.4.8 16724220
hcx connector:

HCX Enterprise site components version information:
vc5.1.0 1473063
esxi5.1.0 1612806
hcx connector R147:3.5.3 17359358

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee


Two main issues here.

  1. You shouldn't mix HCX versions (you have R147 and 4.0), mixing of versions is only supported during upgrades.
  2. vSphere 5.1 is EOL and not supported for HCX. You should upgrade to at least 6.0 in order to use HCX.
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I can't upgrade the version at the request of the user
I added a host with a new ESXi installation to the cluster
I have successfully deployed InterConnect on the added host.

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