About HCX Manager failure during migration by HCX


I am currently conducting a failure test during the HCX migration.

If I stop HCX-Manager or HCX-IX during the migration, the migration will result in an error. Is this a specification move?
Also, does the above error occur regardless of the migration direction?
For example, in the case of "on-premises → Cloud" migration, I would like to know if there are cases where the migration will continue even if the Manager on the Cloud side stops.

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failure test during the HCX migration - not sure what is the expectation here.

Lets say you need to restart the services or do some activity on the HCX manager , recommendation is to make sure  no on going migrations before that. 

And HCX manager /connector is having all the information about migration hence some migrations will error out and if you stop IX , that is the main component for some migrations it will definitely fail..

and much more information on https://hcx.design

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There are two things here Sync and Switchover, I guess you are referring Migrations as Switchover. Rebooting HCX Manager still should be okay during the Syncs but not during the Switchover. When the Switchover is happening both HCX Manager and IX must be up and running.


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