Fusion Tech Preview Testing Guide

Fusion Tech Preview Testing Guide

This document provides useful instructions for how to test, with instructions to:

  • Download and Install Fusion
  • Where to get ISOs to install the supported Linux distributions
  • How to boot a Live CD 
  • How to install disable Wayland
  • How to update the Linux Kernel to 5.14 or later
  • How to install VMware Tools
  • How to provide feedback
  • How and what you can share (tldr: sharing anything about the TP publicly is okay!)

The document has been updated (as of March 11, 2022), to include new information about Linux guests, Ubuntu issues, as well as instructions for installing Windows 11 for Arm.  (Note that Windows on Arm is still unsupported at this time)

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As of 04/01/22 the download link is broken

For me as well

For me too can you fix it pls

For me as well

@Mikero See the comments above about the DMG download link not working, I tried it myself and got this error:

Screenshot 2022-04-01 at 13.53.26.png

I've managed to download but now I can't get past initializing. I've already followed the article for manually removing all attributes and it's still hung at initializing. Seriously disappointing.

@pinsent check out this helpful thread:


It also links to a Gist containing really great instructions on how to get an Ubuntu VM up and running:


Hope that helps.

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