vmware fusion pro upgrade

Hello everyone,

I have a few quick questions related to vmware fusion pro ... if it is even possible to answer them:

  • As version 12 doesn't currently support the arm architecture (only the tech preview), can I expect the next major release, version 13, to support it?
  • And if so, would upgrading from fusion 12 pro to fusion 13 pro cost extra or be free then?
  • Or might version 12 even get a free update that enables arm support?

Kind regards!


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That's a reasonable expectation - the tech preview look like it'll be refreshed in july, and VMWare's conference is in early fall.  Cards seem to be aligning towards a release then.  Windows ARM support is the wildcard, but they've hinted at better support.

I really don't think that there will be a free update to Fusion 12 for either Ventura or ARM, but they could surprise us.  Broadcom has already indicated they want to pivot to a subscription model, and this would be a natural cutover point.

For personal use on intel, you can get a free license for 12, and the tech preview is free for ARM.  If you can, stick with those until the licensing situation becomes more clear.


begin rant. 

@ColoradoMarmot If they do convert their offerings to a subscription service, VMware needs to do two things at a minimum or it will be a non-starter:

  • lower the prices - you can’t be charging more than Parallels because quite honestly Fusion isn’t that much better than theirs. 
  • include unlimited access to tech support. Make the default as email if you must, but really Fusion customers should have support access via phone. Today’s 30 day complimentary email tech support is an absurd policy. VMware can’t claim Fusion is an enterprise class product then nickel and dime users for support as if it’s a consumer product.  There are questions and issues asked here that should rightfully be an open tech support ticket, but are asked here because users have no other avenue. 

end rant..

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<start speculation> I could see them actually keeping the current price for pro, adding email support, and then have a secondary 'free' consumer license that has no support.  But having been through M&A before (on both sides), broadcom will be looking to recoup revenue as quickly as possible, so I wouldn't hold out for much of a reduction. And I don't see phone support coming, because they're not structured for consumer support.  Though I do wonder how much love desktop virtualization is going to get in any case<end speculation>

FWIW, parallels tech support isn't great, and their forum is, well, almost useless. So you get what you pay for.

To be fair, If you keep up with OS Versions Fusion is essentially a subscription already, it's just hidden behind 'annual, perpetual, upgrades'.

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