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nixos does not have /dev/sda in VMWare Fusion Tech Preview (M1)


When I try to create an virtual machine from the latest release ISO of Nixos and I run `ls /dev` I don't see any /dev/sda device so I can't format the drive. The hard drive is configured as SCSI.

I am running VMWare Fusion Tech Preview Professional Version e.x.p (18656771)  on a Mac M1.

However if I run the same ISO with qemu, I can see /dev/sda

Is there a specific setting that I missed ?


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I just downloaded that installer and created a VM with an NVMe hard drive. The booted OS found it as /dev/nvme0n1.

I also changed the virtual hard drive type to SATA, and the disk was found as /dev/sda.

I wonder if your distribution has support for the virtual SCSI controller that the tech preview would provide?

I would suggest changing your hard disk type to NVMe (preferred) or SATA and see if you can partition it.

- Paul (Technogeezer)
Editor of the Unofficial Fusion Companion Guides