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Unable to install OS on Fusion Tech Preview

Hello Guys,

I download VM Fusion Tech Preview and below images:



However, when I try to install OS, it stay in a black window like picture 02. This happens with both Ubuntu and Debian. 

My Mac OS is 12.4

Please help.

Picture 01: Install option


Picture 2:



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Known issue, this has been discussed many times in this forum and a search here would have saved you a posting.

The Linux kernel developers introduced changes in the kernel to address the security issues on Intel and ARM CPUs that were disclosed in March 2022. These changes render those kernels unbootable on the Tech Preview due to a VMware issue.

The Linux changes have been rolled out to almost all current Linux distributions as security updates, so almost all current installers will have this problem. Debian and Ubuntu have done this with their current releases, which is why you are seeing this behavior.

See the document https://communities.vmware.com/t5/Fusion-for-Apple-Silicon-Tech/Tips-Techniques-Gotchas-for-the-Tech... for more info. 

VMware has not released a fix tor this issue yet. We are expecting/hoping that an upcoming update to the Tech Preview (hinted by VMware to be in July) will address this issue. 

There is nothing you can do to make these kernels boot. As an alternative until VMware releases an updated Tech Preview or if you need something today:

  • Install from a distribution’s installer that was built before March 2022,. For example, installing Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS with the procedure in the above document works. Or use Debian 11.2.  Don’t apply kernel updates until VMware addresses the issue. 
  • Use UTM. It’s not as full featured as VMware, but it’s free, will work with current Linux releases, runs ARM Linux well (as it is virtualizing not emulating), and does not have the issue (it did have the issue, but the developers fixed it quickly).
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