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Mike and the whole Fusion team - once again you exceed expectations.  Working with the preview has been simple...it just works.  Now all I have to do is get my linux skills dusted off 🙂

Seriously, job well done!

And for those that haven't tried it yet, prepare to be amazed.  The number of VM's you can run concurrently - without a hiccup - on an M1 is astounding....my tiny mac mini runs everything I've thrown at it as if it was native.

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Also echoing kudos. I downloaded this afternoon, installed (went without a hitch), and it looks and feels like... well.. VMware Fusion.

I fumbled a little bit installing Fedora but that's my fault and not Fusion's. Fedora is not my "native tongue" Linux distribution as I've been used to RHEL, CentOS, and Oracle Linux).

Also thanks to @Mikero for leading me through the steps to get the latest Linux 5.15 kernel to get the new graphics driver.

All in all painless and So far so good. 

I'll also try to see how many VMs I can get running on a 8GB Mac mini 2020.

- Paul (Technogeezer)
Editor of the Unofficial Fusion Companion Guides