Fusion 22H2 Tech Preview Testing Guide

Fusion 22H2 Tech Preview Testing Guide

This document provides useful instructions for how to test, with instructions to:

  • Download and Install Fusion
  • Where to get ISOs to install the supported Linux distributions
  • How to install Windows 11
  • How to use the new vTPM and Encryption modes
  • How to provide feedback

The document has been updated (as of Sept 23, 2022), to include new information about Linux guests, Ubuntu issues, as well as instructions for installing Windows 11 for Arm. 

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If you have an Apple Silicon (M1/M2) Mac, you still need the Tech Preview until the "Fusion.next" version is released.

Intel Macs running Ventura should also be able to Fusion 12.2.x from reports that I'm hearing, and they should also run the Tech Preview. My guess though is that although Fusion 12 may run on Ventura. VMware will officially support Ventura with the upcoming version.

IMO if you are considering Windows 11 on the Mac (either Intel or ARM), you will want the next Fusion version. It's got much better support for Windows 11 guests than Fusion 12. 

Thanks. Yeah I got both Mx and Intel based Macs. Understand re Win11 - literally was wondering why there was little mentioning at all of VMware Fusion 12 running (or not running) on MacOS 13 at all at this point...


My guess: VMware is officially going to announce that they will start support for Ventura with "Fusion.next" or "Fusion 13" or whatever they're going to call it.

VMware hasn't shown a tendency to go back and support new macOS versions with older Fusion releases - they always seem to need a new Fusion version. For example Monterey support required Fusion 12.2. Fusion 12 and 12.1 don't have Monterey as a support host OS.

It's going to be Fusion 13. @Mikero was using a Release Candidate in his Arm Dev Summit presentation today.

Can I just get clarification about making images that run on the M1 and M2 Macs.

I am assuming (but can't see an actual confirmation) that you need to use an M1/M2 Mac to build a custom images for M1/M2 Macs using Fusion- even with the developer preview there will be a split between images that will work on intel machines, and images that will work (with Fusion) on the arm hardware platforms. Does the developer preview run on intel Macs, or is it a total split between the architectures ?


Yes there is a split and that is totally due to the different CPU chip architecture used on Intel Macs and Apple Silicon (M1/M2) Macs.

  • Virtual machines created  on Intel Macs must use Intel architecture (x86_64 or amd64) operating systems..
  • Virtual machines created on Apple Silicon (M1/M2) Macs must use ARM architecture (arm64 or aarch64) operating systems..
  • VMs built on Apple Silicon Macs can not run on Intel Macs, and VMs built on Intel Macs can not run on Apple Silicon Macs.

The latest Tech Preview is a "universal" binary. It will install on both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs (and the upcoming Fusion 13 is anticipated to do the same). However, the CPU architecture of the virtual machines must still match the CPU architecture that Fusion is running on.

No virtualization solution (VMware or Parallels) can run Intel VMs on Apple Silicon or vice versa. Emulators such as QEMU or UTM exist that do emulate Intel chips on ARM CPUs, but most people find that performance and stability are nowhere near up to expectations. 

thanks for the quick reply - that was my understanding, just wanted to be sure I hadnt missed anything - don't want to stray into qemu territory.

Will need to find an M!/M2 Mac and make some images - will have to use parallels as I need some older versions of ubuntu for this year of transition 

@Technogeezer, thanks, I upgraded today and everything went well.

What do you mean by "latest 22H2 Tech Preview release"? Is there a way to upgrade it? I am still running the version I downloaded in July, I did not see any update for it...

@kaz219 - There was an update to the Tech Preview in September announced by @Mikero here: https://communities.vmware.com/t5/Fusion-22H2-Tech-Preview/Fusion-Tech-Preview-and-Testing-Guide-has... VMware updated the link that @nickmdx posted to point to the currently available version. The tech preview doesn't implement auto update or notification of a new release, so unless you caught the forum post above you wouldn't have known that a new version was available.

If you're not running the latest version (version e.x.p 20486664), just download the latest version DMG file, open it, and run the Fusion installer contained within. 

Both the July version and September update of the 22H2 Tech Preview are universal installers that runs on both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs.  The 22H2 Tech Preview added support for Intel Macs so they could test out the Windows 11 improvements on Intel Macs. I've seen some people still running the pre-July version of the Tech Preview on Apple Silicon, which is why I referred to the "latest version" as having a universal installer.

Hi. I've run into a strange issue I haven't seemed to find mentioned exactly.

I was running full fusion 13 with a Windows 11 ARM build on my M1 machine, no problem. Upgraded to July tech preview, no problem either.

Upgrading to September preview after upgrading the tools from July, and the version of the VM itself now presents me with a password on-load that I *know* is correct, but it won't accept.

I believe this is something to do with the TPM, so now I'm left with a machine I cannot access under any circumstances.


Does anyone happen to have an idea what I could do to rectify this? I may try reverting to the July tech preview instead but aside from that, any ideas would be gratefully received.


Thanks for any help.


If you go to “About VMware Fusion, what build are you running? It seems to me that you have installed an obsolete 22H2 Tech Preview update from September 2022 since as of today October 1 there is no “September update” to the 2023 Tech Preview. If that’s the case you’ve installed an old version on top of a newer version. That could cause what you’re seeing since the “July” 2023 Tech Preview changed the encryption algorithm on VMs which means they can not be opened with older Fusion versions.  

 You need to download and install the 2023 Tech Preview using this link https://customerconnect.vmware.com/downloads/get-download?downloadGroup=FUS-TP2023


@Technogeezer   you were absolutely correct. In searching, the September 22 came up ahead of July 23. I read that date time and time again and kept not picking up on that fact. I feel stupid now, but thank you for setting me str

I had already redownloaded what I thought was a month earlier version, but of course it's not, it's the most current and I'm back in the VM with everything working just fine now.

Thank you for the quick and helpful response.

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