DEPRECATED and OUTDATED: Tips and Techniques for the Apple Silicon Tech Preview 22H2

DEPRECATED and OUTDATED: Tips and Techniques for the Apple Silicon Tech Preview 22H2

This document is not current. It has not been updated since October 2022 and will not be updated further. The 22H2 Tech Preview that it refers to is officially over and you should not be using it. The Tech Preview has been superseded by the release of Fusion 13.

This document remains for historical purposes.

Please use the VMTN VMWare Fusion Community forums  for all questions about running virtual machines on M1/M2 Macs. 

This document is replaced by the Unofficial Fusion 13 for Apple Silicon Companion Guide. The Companion Guide contains up to date tips and techniques for running virtual machines on M1/M2 Macs.

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@dminter Not whining at all.  I'm a bit surprised that they released 13 without better support for windows, but suspect they needed/wanted to get a production release out for linux guest users.  I'd very much consider windows support still at the 'tech preview' state though.  They should have released it that way - linux release with revised windows tech preview - in the marketing language to better manage expectations.

No sense rehashing all the issues (from MSFT licensing to the VMWare/broadcom acquisition)...we are where we are.  I do expect full support sometime next year, but when that might be?  Not really there.

I wish I could recommend differently, but for someone in your situation, Parallels right now is the better answer.


Of course, if Quicken would ever release a real mac product, then I suspect about 30% of the need for windows on mac would go away!

@dminter I am in the same boat as you. I run windows for quicken. I have run Fusion since around 2010-2011 when I moved from windows to mac. I switched over to parallels for about a year along the way and then back to fusion which I like much better. I've had this macbook air m1 for a little over a year. I needed a W11 solution to run Quicken. Before purchasing the m1, I tried crossover on my prior 2012 macbook pro to see if it would work. It did, so went ahead with the m1 purchase. I have been running quicken in this environment since. I installed fusion preview (both 21h1 and 22h2) and W11 for quicken. I was not willing to commit to this environment as my production quicken. I have been running fusion 13 and W11 home with quicken since fusion 13 fell. I have had no problems, and haven't run quicken under crossover since. I'll have to upgrade my crossover (21 -> 22) when I upgrade to Ventura. I'll probably do that just to be safe (Codeweavers crossover is having a cyber Monday special ~$30 until 11/30).

Just as a point of information, I reinstalled Parallels for my M1 Apple laptop running latest Ventura OS.  Including downloading Parallels software, getting Windows 11 fresh copy from Microsoft, Windows updates, and finding/reactivating my Windows license # - took 20 minutes total.  Process is fully automated by Parallels, nearly a handsfree installation. And everything, including file sharing, printing to network printers, networking, and all other stuff necessary to run Quicken is there, and works.  That's of course  the expectation for Fusion 13.  Paid $49 last year for a year of Parallels, second year price is $55. I'll see you guys next year 😎


Just wanted to follow up and confirm I was able to get Windows11_InsiderPreview_Client_ARM64_en-us_25247.vmdk working using these steps:


qemu-img convert -O vmdk Windows11_InsiderPreview_Client_ARM64_en-us_25247.VHD   Windows11_InsiderPreview_Client_ARM64_en-us_25247.vmdk

(shift + f10) OOBE\BYPASSNRO

Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned





Running vmware tools installation immediately after bypassing network setup is the way to go. On my previous attempt I ran the bcdedit commands from this thread. Maybe this was causing issues (bsod):


... And unfortunately the powershell modules i need require x64 arch lol if anyone has AzureAD module working on M1 kindly reach out to me 😉

Glad you have it working.

The bcdedit command are no longer necessary for running Windows 11 VMs on the 22H2 Tech Preview or Fusion 13. And it doesn't make networking work either, since VMware changed the virtual networking adapter for newly created Windows 11 virtual machines from e1000e (used by the Windows kernel debug adapter) to vmxnet3 (compatible with the driver provided by the Tech Preview 22H2 and Fusion 13).

There's a better way than bypassing the network setup and then installing the tools. Install the tools from Powershell at the very start of the setup process after the VM boots from the hard drive and it's asking what country you're in. Ctrl-fn-F10 at that point, start powershell from the command prompt, then install the tools and reboot the VM. The setup process will restart and the network will be discovered for the OOBE networking check because a network driver is installed.

The process is documented in the latest version of the unofficial Tips and Techniques guide for the Tech Preview, and the Unofficial Fusion 13 for Apple Silicon Companion.

As far as your issue with the AzureAD module, you might want to ask that question in a Microsoft forum. It may have more to do with whether it works on Windows 11 ARM than running on Fusion.

"I use iCloud and not OneDrive" I'm using the iCloud Client for Windows with no issues under the 22H2 release with the ARM release build on my m1 iMac, if that's any help to anyone. Haven't tried the 13 update since this one works well and does what I need to do. Have no desire to live on the "bleeding edge" as it were. 🙂

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