Data Store ne monte pas



A la suite d'une mise à jour 6.7 vers la 7.01, mon data store (5bigNASPro en iscsi) ne monte plus. Liaison ISCSI OK, mais j' n'arrive pas.

Ci-joint le retour du message de tentative de réparation.

merci de l'aide.

Sincères salutations.

[root@localhost:/dev] voma -m vmfs -f fix -d /vmfs/devices/disks/naa.60014056ab27b0af9ba4939b737aed7b
Running VMFS Checker version 2.1 in fix mode
Initializing LVM metadata, Basic Checks will be done

Checking for filesystem activity
Performing filesystem liveness check..-Scanning for VMFS-6 host activity (4096 bytes/HB, 1024 HBs).
Scsi 2 reservation successful
Phase 1: Checking VMFS header and resource files
Detected VMFS-6 file system (labeled:'5bigNASPro') with UUID:5dfb5536-b3f142c3-b47f-2c59e59d1924, Version 6:82
Phase 2: Checking VMFS heartbeat region
Phase 3: Checking all file descriptors.
Phase 4: Checking pathname and connectivity.
Phase 5: Checking resource reference counts.
ON-DISK ERROR: JBC inconsistency found: (13,0) allocated in bitmap, but never used

Total Errors Found: 1
Total Errors Fixed: 0
Total Partially Fixed errors: 0

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