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Guys and Gals,

I am currently in process of configuring this so I can replicate offsite once all my kit gets migrated to my DR site. The volume of Vm's will be 30 ranging from 1 Hour to 15 Mins.

The link between at the moment will be a 10MB and this will extend in future to 100MB, currently i am replicating across 1GB Ethernet to configure up etc.

Currently the issues i am hitting are

  • The gui freezing and the only was to resolve accessing the gui is a restart of the service

  • COS on esx hosts occasionally becoming overloaded.

I am generally expecting once the servers are shipped out for the COS to be less overloaded due to the bandwidth being lower but i would like to know what types of volumes and frequency people are replicating and also whether people have increased COS memory and reserved CPU based on the Vizioncore recommended settings.



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Dan, the main thing you want to calculate with vReplicator is the time it taken to scan the VMDK files for changes. If you estimate based on a scan rate of 1 GB a minute.

If you have quite a large amount of data to replicate it can take a very long time to do the scans. More bandwidth or a small rate of change will not improve the speed of the scan and the load on the COS. The more hosts you have the more you can spread the load.

Often people want to do a replication every 15 minutes but if it takes 20 minutes just to scan a 20G OS disk this is just not going to work.

Have you tried the support forums for Vizioncore?

Considering awarding points if this is of use

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