Vmotion over stacked switches

Yello folks,

I currently have a simple infra set up

1) 2 ESXi Host

2) 1 Aruba 2930F switch

3) 1 MSA 2050 SAN storage

MSA is connected to both the ESXI host over ISCSI, vmotion, virtual machine all are configured on different VLAN.

Everything works great.

Now the thing is we are planning to provide redundancy at switch level. So planning to add one more Aruba 2930F and stack them.

But i am not really sure on how to go about vmotion Config?

1) Will i need two physical port on each server?

2) I team those ports and distribute each port to on stack member and do LACP between those two pysical ports?

Any help or document will be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,


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