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VirtualCenter High Availability practices

Hello all, Charu just posted a proven practice on the VIOPS pilot that describes how to make VC highly available with Microsoft Cluster Services.

What other solutions are folks using out there? And do you have an approach you want to share for that solution, something we can make into a proven practice? A quick start for the list might be....

  1. I don't believe in making VC highly available

  2. I have a standby VC and use database replication on an hourly/daily etc basis.

  3. I use NeverFail.

  4. I use MSCS.

  5. I run VC in a VM on my Management cluster and use VMware's HA to recover the service.

  6. I rely on backup / recovery.

It seems there are a myriad of approaches - customers I work with are always interested in ways that other folks are achieving VC HA...



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Our Plan is for a cold standby clone of our (Physical) VC server at our secondary site. The Database sits on a shared cluster at the moment but backups are copied to the secondary site for a speedy restore if required.

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