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VST on native Cisco VLAN1


I have multiple production VMs on a vSwitch which is connected by two pNICs to my pSwitch. The pSwitch is running 3 VLANs at port level. Those NICs (and therefore the VMs, I guess) are on VLAN1, the native Cisco VLAN. I want to connect a new VM to an existing VLAN 250 on the pSwitch. I'm all out of physical NICs on the ESX.

I've created a Port Group on the vSwitch and numbered it 250. I've attached my new VM to one of those ports. Question is/are:

If I enable trunking on the Cisco ports which the pNICs are plugged into, will those ports / NICs still forward traffic from my VLAN1 VMs?
I understand there's prob's with VST on VLAN1. Should I move all VLAN1 physical ports to a new non-native VLAN on the Cisco which matches a new Port Group on the vSwitch before I do any of this?

Hope that all makes sense!

Thanks very much for any input

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