Using DataPlow SFS to share iSCSI volumes

Using DataPlow SFS to share iSCSI volumes

Today more and more customers are willing to use a SAN for concurrent multiinitiator access to the same disk volume and the same set of files. Movie

rendering farms, huge distributed databases, clusters all benefit from the performance of an IP SAN compared to NAS utilizing the same hardware. However iSCSI alone own does not solve the task of maintaining distributed write locks and keeping file caches coherent. NTFS cannot be used as a SAN file system alone so here some SAN File System (SFS) from DataPlow. This document describes how to use the StarWind iSCSI Target for Microsoft

Windows together with DataPlow SFS. The Microsoft iSCSI Initiator is used for this example, however any Windows software iSCSI initiator or iSCSI HBA

(Host Bus Adapter) will work.

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