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Red Hat disk partitioning strategies for VMWare Workstation 5.5

Hello All,

I have a question regarding partitioning strategies for Red Hat EL AS 5 and VMWare Workstation 5.5.

If I have the following CPU:

2 x quad core CPU


RAID 5 (5 x 160 SATA)

and I intend on utilizing this machine completely for VMWare 5.5 and varying slices, how would one partition their environment? I would like to place all VMWare slices on a separate partition - /u01 for instance.

Lastly, what happens when I intend to take these working slices and migrate to a ESX machine? How should one determine a partitioning strategy for ESX?


Daniel Nguyen

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

If this is the hardware config that you have to work with, you will need your standard Linux partitions (i.e., /boot, /, swap). It is also a good idea to split out /var (since most of the log files that can grow and cause problems are written there), as well as to have a local user partition (like /home for example) where you can store things like utilities, patches, iso's etc.

Then you can create one large partition from the rest of the space where you store your VMs.

Depending on storage config of your ESX host, the partitioning your ESX server will be similar, except that your VM partition will be VMFS3 and not ext3 partition.