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I am about to start a consolidation project in my datacenter. I will be changing over 10-12 physical Netware servers (5.1 to 6.5 upgrades and 6.5 servers) to virtuals on 2 Dell 2800s with 12GB of RAM and dual 3.4 procs. I am totally new to this. All the help I can get is much appreciated. I have done two small Windows servers (SNMP and Blackberry) just to get my feet wet but Netware is a different monster. Ideas? Thoughts? Advice? Basic understanding? Anything would be a help.

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Read, Play and Post.

Read everything you can, I have a top 10 list for new people to VMware on my website. I also have hundreds of links sorted by categories.

Play around with ESX and explore all of it's features. Experience is a great teacher, the more hands on you get with it the more skilled you'll become

Post on these forums, if you have any questions or need to know more and can't find an answer there are alot of talented knowledgeable people here more then willing to help you.

Finally as far as Novell goes, here's some posts you might read.

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