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Network Design for configuring HA

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone can suggest me best network design for configuring HA with 8 ESX hosts per cluster (PowerEdge 6850) each having 6 network cards and each cluster will have approx 80 VMs running. The existing network configuration within each host in cluster is as follows -

1. Two Network Cards for vSwitch0 for Service Console and VMotion.

2. Two Network Cards for vSwitch1 for Virtual Machines.

3. Two Network Cards for vSwitch2 again for VMs.

I am seeing lot of issues related to HA & DRS in existing configuration and i am going to suggest following modifications -

1. A backup Service console in each host (is that needs to be in the same network that of primary service console???)

2. A dedicated NIC for service console and one NIC shared betweek backup service console and VMKernel port.

Can anyone give some inputs here?

Thanks in advance!


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Check this thread out... lots of different ideas here.


With 6 Nics, I would personally use

vswitch1 ~ Service Console ~ 2 nics

vswitch2 ~ vmotion ~ 1-2 nics

vswitch3 ~ vm's ~ 2-3 depending on your rate of traffic. 2 Should and has been enough for my environment, so have been able to allocate the other nic to standby for vmotion.

Good Luck

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I have different network segments for VMotion, service console, and 2 production virtual machine networks. I have my network guys use 802.1q trunks on all my switch ports for all 6 NICs, and allow all 4 VLANs on each NIC. That way, I can move NICs around at will, as required, and re-allocate network I/O as required. The way I split them up, is to put VMotion and SC on one pair of NICs, prod network 1 on pair #2, and prod network 3 on pair #3. Since all VLANs are separated, and there's more than enough I/O available per team, I have not seen any problems with this as of yet.


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I use 3 *2950's with 6 nics and have them currently as follows:

Internal Gbic1 - BMC / console

Internal Gbic2 - Vmotion

PCI nic1 - Vmachine

PCI nic 2 - Vmachine

PCI nic 3 - Console

PCI nic 4 - Perimeter (to my firewall)

I am thinking of changing it so that I have 2 nics for Vmachine and 2 for console to give better redundancy i.e. patching one Vmachine and one Console to each of my two switches.

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HA complains if you do not have 2 pNICS associated with the Service Console. You can use VLANS for this... I do not however. How you split your pNICS depends on your Security Policy (acceptance of VLANs, and other aspects), desired Performance, and desired redundancy.

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