Netapp and exchange snap manager

I have a client that is looking at implementing a small scale ESX installation and is considering using Netapp for its Exchange snapmanager functionality. I have not worked much with Netapp and have a few questions.

To use this Exchange snap manager I believe each VM (or maybe drive within a vm) must have it's own LUN as snapshots are performed on a LUN basis. So they traditional multi-VM VMFS volume can not be used in this type of implementation. Is this correct?

With Netapp can the datastore be FC LUNs or does it have to be NFS / CIFS / iSCSI and if it can be a FC LUN will the Exchange Snapmanager functionality still apply.

How does Snapmanager handle applying a snap LUN to a virtual machine without manual or scripted interaction with VMware?

If someone has a general overview specific to Exchange snapmanager, Netapp, and VMware I would appreciate a reference to it.


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