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LHVSA setup to get best performance in the terms of throughput

I have been using the tria version of LHVSA for last couple of days with VMware ESXi hosts. (LHVSA trial version: CMC_9.0.00.3564 and SAN/iQ Version:
Can someone help me to find out the best scenario to get best performance with it in terms of maximum throughput and minimum latency. Present Setup:
Two ESX hosts on which LHVSA VMs deployed (one on each host).
CMC Client:
A cluster with two Volumes, each having 200 G. Two servers, one is communicating with one ESX host and other one is with other. Also both of the volumes are assigned to both of the Servers.
So in this way by using Static Discovery from Virtual IP, I have two shared data stores mounted on each of the ESX.
Deployed a GOS VM on an ESX host, add a disk to the GOS VM by using the LHVSA-Datastore, and running IOblazer on the disks to generate the IOs.

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