Implementing NIC Teaming on a StarWind server

Implementing NIC Teaming on a StarWind server

NIC Teaming is a hardware ensuring solution which makes your server tolerant for any hardware faults such as adapter fault, switch fault etc. You can also use Link Aggregation Team modes to provide higher throughput between server and the network. Implementing NIC Teaming solutions on a StarWind Server can prevent you from possible data loss and crashes due to network instability.

The reference configuration is using 2 Intel PRO 1000MT Server Network Adapters The document is showing common steps to configure NIC teaming, the

installation and configuration process may vary depending on the hardware and software configuration you use.



I don't think this applies to the Virtual Machine that runs StarWind iSCSI SAN. Why I see this, because the vNICs provided to the vSAN Machine is a Virtual that bound from vSwitch pNICs.

The vSwitch uses aggregation based on the outbound traffic only and that will go via one IP Address Only. If two vNICs assigned to the VM and the VM required to distribute the load based on the Load Balance algorithm, which vNIC will be used Load Balance the traffic?

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