HW Sizing 126 VM guest in VI3


we would like to setup a new VI3 Infrastructure with the following HW-config. It´s not a consolidation project.

-126 VM guests ==> 90 % of the machines are Windows XP (it´s a customer request!)

-each should have 30 GB vHD ==> Sum 126VM x 30GB= 3780 GB

-512 GB RAM ==> Sum 126VM x 512MB= 64 GB

SAN EVA 8000==>


-9 VMFS, 9 LUNS (each about 450 GB) ??? or

-9 VMFS, 18 LUNS (each about 200 GB) ???

HP BL480c, 2P Socket Intel QuadCore 3 GHz, HBA, 4 NICs (1 for VMOtion, 1 Service Cons., 2 VM NIC-Teaming), 24 GB DDRAM , RAID 1 72GB SAS

Now I have to choices:

Constraint 16 VM per host ==> 12 x BL480c ??? Seems to be oversized in my opinion. Maybe 24 VM per host would be better.

Constraint 4 VM per core ==> 4 x BL480c ??? Seems to be undersized to me.

Is my sizing OK?

Would you constraint on VM guest per host or VM guest per core?

Thanks in advance!


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9 LUNS sounds ok to me.

I'd be looking to get at least 25 vm's per host. But you need to consider the impact of a host failure.

VMware will support 11 instances per core if you're running VDI, otherwise 8.