HP BL685c

Hi to All,

we are planning to implement a new VMWare infrastructure with HP BL685c.

Current WMWare infrastructure:

HP DL 585 G1 - 16GB - 4 AMD DualCore Processor 2.4Ghz - 10 Network Adapter - 2 Production LAN - 4 FC Adapter - ca. 18 VM pro ESX

Now we have 1 Enclosure with 6 HP BL685c with 4 AMD DualCore for our new VMWare Environment.

What will be the best configuration of the networking part? (how many nic per Server, how many switch pro enclosure, how many cable pro switch)

Many thanks!


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At a minimum, I'd use one NIC for management, one for vMotion, and two for each network where you'll have VMs. The blades have 4 NICs per server standard. To use those NICs, you'll need two switches in the enclosure. If you're using FC, you'll need to use at least one of the three mezzanine slots for an HBA, leaving up to two additional mezzanine slots for more NICs. Each mezzanine slot maps to a slot on the back of the enclosure, so any additional switches will be dictated by the mezzanine slots that you use.

As far as how many cables per switch, we use two in our network, the two ports are configured as an ether-channel.